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Khush Patel - Inspiration Story

[ Inspiration Story must Read and Watch it !!! ]

The time was around 2:15 AM Late night. Generally people are in sleep mode. I had to complete my work and but felling so bored so decided to go outside for refreshment. I walked some steps and find two person who were doing their job at late night. They were painting an advertisement of some educational institute on the road. I was walking with him and watching their fonts and their skills but one of the person asked for me...
Person : What are you doing here ?
Me : Just walking for refreshment uncle..
Person : At late night ? 
Me : Yahh. I am working on one project and feeling bored so just diverting my mind.
Me : Why you here ? How many banners are left to painting and what is the price ?
Person : 2500 RS for 100 banner and still 25 left.
Me : Salute uncle because you are still working ...
Person : With smiling face...

Moral : People are working at late night too, Why we take Rest. Some people have a mindset to going to bed at 11:00 PM even if they are tired or not. I would like to tell you that, work unit you actually feeling less energetic. Time is yours, perfectly utilize it. And always keep your eyes on time because it worth like a money.
Quote :3:00 AM is the time when LEGENDS ARE EITHER GOING TO SLEEP OR WAKING UP !!! 
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Khush Patel - Busy Life

[Life Goals Comments - Must Read and Comments]

Few People having lots of time in day(Totally Free). πŸ€— Few having only 23hr and 56 minutes ⏳in a day & having work of 30hr πŸƒ(Running out of time).

Living life King Size but in terms of Goals. β›³ In life there is lots of things remaining to do, still they are free. πŸ™„ Yaar, sometimes think about future life.

Few People (Even a CEO) doesn't change the colour of clothes because they think that, Time well spend on more Productive Things. (Ex. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Obama. That much busy people are still alive. Not means to that kind of busy life).

❌It's not like this Quote: "Nobody is too Busy, but it's just a matter of Priorities". It's not like that to say someone that "I am busy, Sorry Can't Help You" , But be Addicted with Work.

Purpose is like to make a challenging life because Animals also live a normal life. But we are having Extra Ordinary Talent than take it Seriously.

"It's never Easy to Create Busy Life but once it created, damn sure you are Addicted"

- Khush Patel