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Technical Projects

KarConnect — Internet of Things (IoT) 2016-2017
Tools Used : Raspberry Pi 3, Arduino Uno and Mega, On Board Diagnostics (OBD-II), Raspbian OS, Python, OBD Simulator, Automosys
Dongle Simulator
Sensors : PIR Motion Sensor, Ultrasonic sensor, Servo Motor, DHT11,
HC05, 16x2 LCD Display

Funding Stack — Java Enterprise and IBM DB2 Fall 2017
Tools Used : Eclipse Neon, BootStrap, Rational Application Developer, IBM DB2
Modules : Live chat between Innovator and Sponsor, Image Handling,
Mail API, Database Administrator, Front-End Developer

Apps Control Docker — Python (Linux) Spring 2017
Tools Used : Python GUI, Tkinter, Ubuntu, InkSpace
Modules : Ubuntu Docker, Customization, Access Operating System

Airline Reservation Management — Java and MySQL Fall 2016
Tools Used : IBM RAD (Rational Application Development), MySQL
Modules : User Login, Flights Availability, Flight Current Status, Passenger
Details, Validation, Short Promotion Video (Marketing)

Bank Recurring Deposit System — C++ Programming Spring 2016
Tools Used : CodeBlocks, DevC++
Modules : User Data Manipulations, Recurring System, Withdraw, and Deposit, Authentication, GUI and Sound

Employee Management System (EMS) — C Programming Fall 2015
Tools Used : Turbo C++, CodeBlocks, Dev C++, GitHub
Modules : Add, Edit, View, Update, Delete, Present

Students Competitions — Web Development Fall 2015
Tools Used : Notepad, Notepad++, KompoZer, Adobe Dreameaver CS6, GitHub
Modules : Engineering, Medical, Scholarships, Entrance Examinations, Books


Movable Seat for Physically Disabled in Cars — Automobile with IoT
An objective of this innovation is to provide sliding and rotating seat for a vehicle which aids in ease of getting into and getting out of a vehicle for a needy person; which will facilitate to push-pull, back-forward, up-down and rotational movements of the seat.

Published a patent by Govt. of INDIA.