Google Facilitator

Google Facilitator for Applied CS Skills at Ganpat University

Applied CS with Android facilitators will deliver learning and development experiences to students on campus in a 'flipped classroom' environment. They will work with Google to upskill on the course content to facilitate, and further develop their facilitation, presentation, and communication skills. Google’s Applied CS with Android program is a program designed for Computer Science students which enhances various concepts from their current curricular work. The program revisits concepts from Data Structures and Algorithms, as well as Artificial Intelligence. Android is used as a platform for development because it’s modern, has an easy to use graphical interface -- and, it’s just fun! I am reaching out to universities in collaboration with Google to provide students with the opportunity of conducting this course.

Developer Circles from Facebook - Study Group Facilitator

Developer Circles Ahmedabad from Facebook

A Developer Circles Study Group is a group of learners who are enrolled in Deep Learning. The objective of this Study Group are to create discussion, ask questions, share knowledge and learn together.
My role is to taught deep learning concepts with Hands-on code. Explaining advance features of Facebook frameworks like PyTorch and PySyft for Deep Learning Projects.

Int'l Medal Winner (USA) | NASA Visitor

Won Honor Medal in I-SWEEEP 2016 International Science Fair at Houston, Texas (USA)

I won "Honor Medal" for Engineering category in I-SWEEEP 2016 International Science Fair at Houston, USA. I presented my innovative project entitled "Movable Seat for Physically Disabled in Cars". I-SWEEEP is the world’s largest international science fair competition held in Houston, Texas, USA; focusing on energy, engineering and environment to find solutions of globe’s sustainability problems. There were many students participated from 62 countries all around the world. I was feeling very proud that I secured Honor Medal in final round to representing our country INDIA on international platform. Now the Gujarati Guy is being a Global. I also visited ‘NASA Space Center’ during my USA Trip. It was an awesome experience to see the space shuttles and exploring with working models. My project supervisor Mr. Jaykumar Patel was accompanying me during entire trip. I was going to field trip at Houston Museum of Natural Science. It was great exposure to compete in foreign country towards the best brains of the earth.

IGNITE Presidential Awardee

Received prestigious "IGNITE Award" by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam (Former President of INDIA) from National Innovation Foundation

Award : IGNITE 2014 Award - The National Competition of Original Technological Ideas and Innovations for School Children
Category : Class 11-12
Innovation : Movable Seat for Physically Disabled in Cars
Description : The award was given by Former President of India and Great Scientist, "Missile Man"​ Hon'ble Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam on November 19, 2014 at IIM Ahmedabad to celebrated as Children's Creativity and Innovation Day by National Innovation Foundation - India, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Total 22 Innovations were selected for IGNITE 2014 Award over 27000 submissions from all over the India.

Director General Awardee 2018

Director General Award for Student Achievements from Ganpat University

Director General Award for Student Achievements is awarded to the outstanding students who have; made a distinguished contribution to the local or wider community, and brought exemplary recognition to Institute/University, and achieved a high level of academic performance and scholarly work, as well as significant contributions to the profession, discipline, Institute/University and service to the community. The Director General's Award is awarded in recognition of academic excellence together with exceptional achievements i.e. Research, Innovation, Start-Ups, Sports and Community Service. The award is consist of Certificate (signed by DG) and cash amount of INR 10,000 as a price.


Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme

Fully funded scholarship for undergraduate degree engineering program; funded by State Government. There are a maximum of 5% seats supernumerary in nature under Tuition Fee Waiver (TFW) scheme. It is provided to eligible students from any of the background and territory to be admitted in 4-year undergraduate Degree programme of the Institute.